When refurbishing your office and you need to help control the noise levels in it, there are various things you can do to reduce the noise levels effectively. You can do lots of things to minimise the noise in a busy office and help make it a much more comfortable environment for your employees to work productively. Below you can see some of the different ways to help control the noise in your office and ensure that it does not get too loud and cause a disturbance for your employees.

Starting With The Floor

You should avoid having a hard flooring surface if possible, and this will increase the echo in your workspace. An excellent material you can use for your floor, which can be hard-wearing and effective at dampening noise, is using cork flooring. It is also an environmentally friendly option and a cost-effective solution to reducing the noise in your office. You can also use carpet to absorb noise, but you will need to invest in a quality one which can also be expensive. Whatever you decide to use, ensure you select a material that can reduce the echo in your space and is long-lasting and hard-wearing so it does not need replacing too quickly.

The Walls In Your Office

You may only have a noisy part of your office building, such as a call centre, and you will want to use acoustic plasterboard in this area to help reduce noise levels. The plasterboard can help absorb noise and prevent it from affecting other parts of the building, so other parts of it are not disturbed. The plasterboard is quick and simple to install, and an effective solution for controlling noise levels and ensuring your office space does not get too loud. Depending on the thickness and the brand of acoustic plasterboards you get for your office, they can also provide additional thermal insulation and help you better control your office’s temperature.

The Office Ceiling

You can also use acoustic ceiling tiles to help reduce noise levels in your office, which are effective and affordable to help you control noise. You can consider a full ceiling of acoustic tiles which can make a significant difference to the echo of your building, or you can use strategically placed sound-absorbing panels, which are also effective. There are many options available for ceiling tiles that can help you manage the noise levels in your office, and their quality and price can vary quite drastically.

Sound Absorbing Partitions

You will also need to divide the space in your office, and you can use office partitions that can help absorb sound and reduce noise levels. You can consider using various options, and one of the most cost-effective and affordable options is using drywall partitions. These are quick and easy to install, and you can insert sound insulation to control your office’s noise levels. You can also paint them any colour you wish to ensure you create a comfortable environment for your employees that looks fantastic and is not too loud when everyone is working.